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My battery doesn’t hold a charge.  - or -  My copter is charged but doesn’t leave the ground.
Batteries needs to be rebooted / retrained to hold a charge. Completely drain battery by “flying” it until the propellers stop spinning. Fully charge the battery. Repeat process a few times, each round will increase the flight time of the copter.
Where do I purchase batteries?
The only batteries we currently have for sale are for our HoverDrone, which you can purchase HERE.

How high does my Hover Drone fly?
Hover Drones fly about 80 feet high but it is not recommended to fly at this height due to the wind change that can possibly fly your drone out of control.

I bought my product at the store/kiosk can I return my product to you and get a refund?
For refunds, please return to the retailer from which you purchased the product. If you purchased a product from our website, you have 30 days for a refund with proof of purchase.

I received a product as a gift without the receipt and want to return it. What do I do?
Identify where your gifter purchased the product from. It is our company policy to assure that your product is coming from an authorized dealer. We are not capable of refunds for products not bought from our website or any unauthorized dealer.